Cyber Gold

Did you know there are over 360,000 private companies in Finland, with 97% of these considered to be SME companies employing fewer than 20 staff?

Research suggests that more than half of all SME companies are not prepared to the cyber threats facing them.1 The same research shows that every fifth company has not considered cyber security in their day to day operations. Ransomware are becoming more common and in a worst case scenario can close down a business for several weeks.1

Why has DUAL launched this product?

Cyber Gold is based on the same wording as the existing Cyber Platinum offering and removes the barriers SME’s face in purchasing this cover by providing the same breadth of coverage as the existing Cyber Platinum offering except for certain deductibles and sections which are sublimited as per the schedule.

Cyber Gold offer limit options between 25,000 EUR and 1,000,000 EUR. Prices starting from 148 EUR including tax and charges.

Cyber gold

Please click here for Cyber Gold profile in Finnish and here for our cyber comparison profile.

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